Available to individuals in our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) or as a stand-alone program.

ROCACP believe all school setting should be conducive to learning but sometimes the social-emotional health of our youth presents a barrier to our children learning.

ROCACP offer school-based mentors to aide schools with enhancing the climate and culture of the school which will result in an environment that is conducive to learning without being punitive to youth and their families.

Our school-based mentors are trained in Therapeutic Behavior Management which allows them to support teachers during instructional time. School-based mentors identify or receive referrals on students who are displaying maladaptive behaviors, process with them assess for safety concerns, deliberate behaviors, and emotional maladaptive behaviors.

SBM then provide an intervention depending on the needs to be addressed, help student develop new insight and then transition them back to class where learning is taking place. This approach improves socialization, cognitive ability to process and decrease in school or out of school suspension.

School Based Mentoring