There is no finer investment in our future than our children, families, and communities.

We all share in the tremendous responsibility of raising healthy environments for our families in this fast-paced society. Our community outreach programs offers youth and their families the proper support to develop effective ways to discuss family concerns and issues.

In addition, we teach youth and adolescents to develop goals that implement preventative measures and tactics that can help when facing everyday life. R.O.C.A.C.P.’s programs make community and family a priority for the strengthening of families. We encourage teachers, educational institutions, and politicians to help in the raising of our communities.

We all have work to do in order to provide our youth with well-rounded programming that offers an opportunity and gives them a chance at success. We should all focus on understanding the foundation of family in the larger context in order to have an influence on society and to produce social change.

Dante Wilson, MSW
CEO and Founder